Representing an extensive portfolio of technologies to handle any level and flow application, Magnetrol® brands stand at the forefront of their categories for long-lasting, reliable, repeatable performance.
Dual-point and single-point ECHOTEL ultrasonic level switches provide continuously accurate and reliable level control that outperforms tuning fork technology with remote-mount capability, advanced diagnostics and the ability to measure any liquid density without the need for density calibration.

There’s a reason our guided wave radar (GWR) line is called ECLIPSE. Having introduced the very first two-wire, loop-powered guided wave radar transmitter to the instrumentation industry, MAGNETROL has designed its latest-generation ECLIPSE Model 706 to overshadow current levels of GWR performance.

Known for delivering decades of uninterrupted performance in the field, MODULEVEL displacer controllers are trusted for safety and reliability. Outstanding output stability, structural integrity and ease of use make MODULEVEL range spring technology a better level control solution than torque tubes.
PULSAR pulse burst (non-contact) radar technology enables superior performance compared to frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW). PULSAR transmitters don’t require complex and expensive processing, can precisely identify true-level echoes, and feature excellent averaging characteristics.
THERMATEL products use thermal dispersion technology for unsurpassed accuracy and reliability in monitoring gas flow, liquid flow, liquid level and interface. Easy “hot tap” capable set-up and other advanced features make thermal dispersion preferred over other technologies.
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  • API RP 2350 Readiness Kit
  • Heat Rate Reduction Kit
  • Eclipse® Model 706